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Argument, the presentation of a reasoned viewpoint, is humankind’s most valuable asset. It is the root cause of all our advancement throughout history. Yet, it has never been digitized until now. By hosting arguments digitally, Goodpoint allows them to be transferable to an unlimited audience. Anyone can take anyone else’s idea and argue it to their network with the click of a button.

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Digitizing an Argument Is Very Powerful

Digitized arguments give writers an unlimited hierarchy with which to precisely position their reasons. This mirrors how people actually organize their thoughts. By replicating this approach, an unlimited number of people can take an argument that has been perfected by a small group of writers and use it as their own. Not repost it, not like it, and not applaud it, but agree with it, and personally present it to their network.

Belief, Consensus & Change

With Goodpoint, you can evaluate content intelligently, gaining more confidence in whether a viewpoint makes sense. From there, you can share your reasoned conclusions, letting others know where you stand, or more effectively persuading others on your views. Taking Goodpoint arguments allows you to showcase your intelligence and help others understand you more deeply.

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For the first time, your homepage feed considers the arguments you have already agreed with. Whether it is an alternative view or a similar one, you can see the extent that a new post includes information you have already evaluated, creating a smarter, more efficient reading experience. You can also see who in your network aligns with the content you’re seeing, combining the connectedness of a social graph with the intelligence of an argument graph.

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Goodpoint’s editor tool allows you to organize arguments into a sensible, easy-to-understand outline. You simply indent whenever you have support to include. This exposes the intelligence of your content to readers, and the superiority of your viewpoint over alternative, less reasoned positions is clear.

Why is Goodpoint better?
Feature Goodpoint Medium Twitter Quora Facebook
Properly outlined arguments
One-click adoptability of arguments
An editor tool for digitizing argument
Posts that can be continually updated
Ability to reference sources
Distinction between fact and opinion
Multiple writers can collaborate on an argument
Social features: feed, follow, notify
Modular idea architecture

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